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The site is committed to treating all data with the utmost respect of the law and of the procedures indicated in this document and in any case, always in order to provide an accurate service.
With this privacy statement, provided in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03, you are invited to take vision of how the site acquires and processes your personal data and to demonstrate in this regard the consent or denial. .
Manifestation of Consent or Dissent informed of the processing of data
The navigator, acquired the information referred to in Legislative Decree 196/03, he manifested their informed consent to the processing of their personal data in compliance with the purposes above mentioned in the policy. To this end it expresses its CONSENT through a free and continuous site navigation.
Also the navigator, acquired the information referred to in Legislative Decree 196/03, it does not consent to the processing of personal data in the manner indicated above. To this end expresses its DISSENT disrupting the navigation on the site
The owner of the place and for the treatment of data
The "owner" of the treatment is Innovation srl Piazza Duomo 4/5 contacted at email
The data collected in this website are used exclusively at the headquarters of Innovation Ltd.
Aims of treatment
The processing of personal data provided voluntarily by the navigator or acquired from public directories or websites on the internet or otherwise acquired in the activity carried out by the site can be made to:
a) send e-mail attachments with information material;
b) registration of reports for ad placements, facilities, services;
c) the fulfillment of legal obligations;
d) communication of information related to the service by e-mail, fax, phone users into the site;
e) sending of information;
f) statistical analysis;
g) analysis of the degree of satisfaction of boaters;
Processing methods of data collection
The site can transmit, for the provision of the service, the data for the contractors in Italy or in EU countries.
The navigator voluntarily provide their personal data and other information as a result of "reporting structure" or "ad placement" and / or voluntarily responding to requests for proposals from the insertion site via phone, e-mail, or any other means of communication.
Sending spontaneous and voluntary e-mail addresses listed on this website or sending personal data involves the automatic acquisition of the same by the site
Navigation data
Any personal data collected by the software used to operate the site during ordinary activities (in this category includes IP addresses, etc) are not used or when used for statistical information remain anonymous. The captured data can be used only for the possible assessment of responsibility in case of any computer crimes against the site.
Data Communication
The visitor has the right to not provide personal data within the form, even though this may make it impossible to carry out the service by the site The visitor can, at any time, request the cancellation / modification of your personal information even though this may result in total or partial inability to espletazione service. To exercise his right, within legal limits, visitors can send e-mail to: postmaster @ calling for the cancellation / modification of data.


1.Premessa is a site dedicated to the holiday displays to free navigation on the territory, the entertainments and all services areas. The site has as its mission the dissemination of knowledge of the coastal territory also acquiring information from third parties (B & B, holiday homes, hotels, beaches, restaurants, pubs, etc). Information regarding services offered in the area (restaurants, hotels, B & B, holiday homes, PUB, discos, etc) belong to third parties and on them,, can not perform any quality control or accuracy, and therefore has no responsibility no on their nature and reliability. Any booking activities, purchase of services or "buy-sell" is always and exclusively by accessing the Web sites of companies chosen by the navigator or to e-mail addresses and ownership of companies / individuals and the conditions established by them independently , so stranger to each purchase or booking and any queries or complaints should be directed exclusively to the provider for that service purchased.
2.Obbighi navigator / user
For browser user is a person who accesses the site for information purposes only, to know the data of a structure / service to book or buy. Information and services provided through the site are provided 'in the state where they are and as they have no guarantee of updating and' with all faults'. All photos and texts published are reserved.
For any abuse, false, counterfeit, false statements, reserves the right to protect themselves legally. Activities aimed against illegal or unauthorized use of the site, software, trademarks and all copyrighted material reserves to protect themselves legally, both in civil and criminal matters.
3.Obbighi navigator / signaling services
For navigator / signaling service is a person who accesses the site to report a structure or post a job or a last minute. The browser assumes full responsibility for the veracity of the structure / ad entered when the service request signaling / ad or act of any change request. All photos and texts published on the site are protected by copyright. For any abuse, false, counterfeit, false statements, reserves the right to protect themselves legally. Activities aimed against illegal or unauthorized use of the site, software, trademarks and all copyrighted material reserves to protect themselves legally, both in civil and criminal matters.
4.Responsabilità in the use of the service
The navigator / user / signaling service acknowledges that the site navigation and the use of content displayed in it at your own risk. The site and no other author who has helped create an entry in the network: the site of your ads or listings is liable for any damage resulting from the navigation, the use of information or content downloaded from transmission problems, from errors, omissions, inaccuracies of any kind, interruptions or delays, by the presence of viruses, etc.
The information contained in this site is provided for the sole benefit of the visitors. The site not guarantees about the accuracy, correspondence and completeness of the information contained in this website and therefore accepts no responsibility for any problems or damage caused by errors or omissions, accidents or any other cause.
The site disclaims any responsibility for the contents of linked websites, the information and / or ads, and another on the last minute, disclaims any responsibility for their failure to update, errors and inaccuracies and to any other type of damage can occur as a result of the user navigation on the same.
The site does not guarantee the navigator / user / signaling services that the site, the e-mails are free of viruses, harmful components, sniffer or other, that navigator / user / signaling service connects to the site at their own risk taking all the precautions required by those technologies.
5 Criteria for publication
The publication of the facilities, services and advertisements is done with or without charge, after being notified of the navigator / signaling services, at the discretion of staff that having approved the contents so that they are relevant to the object and mission of the site, ensure their publication. Content verification does not involve checking the veracity of the information that navigator / signaling of services remains the one and only responsible for the authenticity of what is published it is responsible to third parties or other visitors to the accuracy, errors, omissions or falsity.
The site not responsible for non-publication "Free" reports, last minute or announcements or publications that took place long after the report.
In case of publication of banners or paid advertising site undertakes to perform the publication within the possible maximum times indicated on the website or agreed with the other party.
The owners of the structures published that they would not maintain their presence on the site can send an and will be immediately removed.
6.Riserve Intellectual Property
The site content, logo, software, photographs, are reserved. It may not copy, modify, transmit, print or use in any form. All rights reserved. Brands, banner of the facility on the site are the exclusive property of the owners of the structures.
7.Collegamenti to third party websites
The site recensisce websites of partners or third parties and therefore contains hyperlinks to third party websites on which no control or verification. therefore is in no way responsible for their content nor the truthfulness and accuracy of the information it yields. The owners of linked sites may signal a willingness to be erased and will be immediately removed.
8. Indemnity - avoiding liability -
The site displays, free, for boaters site also content of third party sites (including news) always for information purposes only without allowing any kind of reservation or purchase of service from their site but by redirecting the requests made by the form of site directly to e-mail facilities.
On the sites reviewed can not exercise any control and any information displayed on the site it is provided 'as is', 'with all faults' and without any warranty (including with regard to the news).
The navigator / user / signaling services expressly agree that use of the Web site www. is entirely at their own risk and on their own responsibility. All Web sites, information, data and addresses for services and facilities available and published on the site belong to companies / private independent on which has no right or control, and therefore not is responsible for any negligence, omissions, errors, misrepresentations carried out by these entities or for any personal injury, death, damage or unexpected costs resulting from the use of such entities.
The website www. does not have any responsibility in the event of overbooking, delays, cancellation, strikes, disasters, and whatever differences resulting from the purchase of a service / product and also made available on the web site assumes no responsibility for inaccuracy or incompleteness of the display content, including search results, the references of the tourist facilities and their rates, regulatory compliance, compliance with the content of the ads and economic conditions expressed and any other condition indicated within the structures, announcements and last minute.
The site can not guarantee that the stay / eat / play / buy / other structures reviewed both risk-free and therefore not responsible for any loss or damage, physical or real, which may arise the stay / eat / play / buy / other activities displayed on the site
The navigator / user / signaling services expressly consent and without reservation to indemnify the site any liability and hold harmless the site, and its suppliers, from any obligation to pay compensation, compensation claim resulting in losses, consequential damages and lost earnings, legal action and compensation, by judgments, by litigation, fines, legal fees or costs and expenses of any nature arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the site and the service, as well as all arrangements achieved by the failure of this agreement and the violation of any law or rights of third parties, for the use of the website
9. Acceptance of the terms and conditions
The navigator browsing this site and using the services of the site agree totally and unconditionally these Terms and Conditions. In the event that she does not agree with these Terms and Conditions PLEASE leave the site
The service is reserved for those who have the task 18 years.
To use the services on the site of the browser must be able to connect independently and at their own expense to the Web
The services provided by the site are provided 'in the state where they are and as they have no guarantee of updating and' with all faults'.
The navigation system learns and accepts that the site is in no way responsible for the unavailability of service or damages arising or lost profits that may arise from the use of the service. The navigation system learns and accepts that the site does not guarantee continuity of service, lack of errors, the accuracy and quality of the data identified in the third party sites, nor assumes any responsibility in respect of the navigator and / or any third party , for damages, interruptions, delays, conflicts violations that may result from the use of Privacy service and / or the data it produces.
10. Information provision and personal data
The Client expressly declares having read carefully the information provided by the Legislative Decree 196/03 as published in the Privacy section of the site and to give its consent to the processing of their personal data in compliance with the purposes indicated in the statement.
11.Disposition final and Jurisdiction
The conditions set out in this Agreement are in lieu of any condition expressed by law. No change, condition, clause, not contained in this Agreement will be effective between the parties, unless expressly approved in writing. Any changes to these General Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively in writing by agreement between the Parties. By accessing this site, the browser will submit to all the norms in force in the Italian Republic on the use of the Internet and a Web site and expressly agree to submit exclusively to any dispute to the competent Court of Ragusa. This site is operated exclusively for Italy and EU countries for which not guarantee that the content, graphics, images on this website, are respectful of the customs and regulations in other foreign countries. Boaters, that during its term of prohibition, from accessing such content from countries in which they are illicit, illegal, immoral do so on their own initiative and are therefore responsible for the failure to comply with local regulations.